About us

TaoSciences is and Interdisciplinary Centre of Advances Studies for Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Deep Learning. World-class scientists, promising young researchers, industrial personnel and practitioners come together to exchange their ideas and knowledge and to discuss their research findings.

The Institute is an interdisciplinary research centre that promotes fundamental and applied research in AI, Big Data and Machine Learning.

The crucial instruments for promoting research are the Summer Schools and the interdisciplinary Workshops and Congresses, which bring together internationally renowned leading scientists for the purpose of exploring cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Deep Learning topics. The friendly and open climate at the workshop venue promotes a culture of communication and exchange among the attendants.

From the start in 2011 until 2017, nearly 1,800 national and international researchers met in TaoSciences Congresses, Workshops and Summer Schools, including Turing Award winners, Fields Medals, European Academy of Sciences members.

Inside the center